Permanent Signals
Syracuse Signal Systems, Inc. provides full overhead and underground installations for traffic signal systems. Our installations include, but are not limited to:

-Mast Arms Systems
-Span Wire Systems
-Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
-Vehicle Detection Systems - inductive loop, microwave, video, LED
- Fire Emergency Preemption System

Temporary Signals
For construction projects or roadways in need of temporary, safe, traffic control, Syracuse Signal Systems, Inc. will provide the equipment, material, and personnel to install an any temporary system that is needed.

​Pedestrian Signals 
Even if overhead traffic signals are not needed, Syracuse Signal Systems Inc. can make improvements on existing Pedestrian Signals or install new, ADA approved, Pedestrian Signals to safely accommodate everyone on any intersection, ranging in many different styles. 

Signal Maintenance
Syracuse Signal Systems, Inc. has a full service, highly skilled, Traffic signal and street lighting maintenance crew. Our maintenance team monitors and services many towns, cities, etc. Our maintenance staff provides a responsible monitoring of signals to ensure safe and functioning intersections.

School and Warning Beacons
Full line of beacons fully installed. Solar or electric powered. Clock activated for schools or full time operation for warning (curve ahead, traffic signal ahead etc.) Beacon maintenance and school clock programming available.

Signal Upgrades 
Perhaps your signal poles may still have a lot of life in them, but your overhead cables and signals are worn out. Or maybe your control box or electrical service is old and causing problems. Or maybe you would like the side street to be traffic actuated so the signal doesn’t cycle all the time. Contact us for advice and a quote to upgrade your signal at a lower cost than full replacement.

For any foundation needs. Vertical shafts up 60' deep. Rock drilling available.